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Yes...well, Rob and I were talking on AIM just now, and I've decided I'm going on a PBF road trip this summer....simply because I can.

Why you ask? Simply because I can. Oh yeah I also decided not to go to basic this summer, so I'm gonna go paintball with random people I know from an internet forum. Sounds good eh?

Here's my AIM log:

bizkitfan601: i'm comin to california this summeroneoneeleven
SK8ingKid7: haha you serious?
SK8ingKid7: why?
bizkitfan601: road trip
SK8ingKid7: haha sick
SK8ingKid7: you coming to ball with me, dave, etc.?
bizkitfan601: yes.
SK8ingKid7: good
bizkitfan601: nor cal or so cal?
SK8ingKid7: nor
SK8ingKid7: bay area
bizkitfan601: hmm yes
bizkitfan601: i'm goin all over the country this summer on a trip
bizkitfan601: goin out to visit kat and smitty
SK8ingKid7: sickness
SK8ingKid7: haha
SK8ingKid7: goign on a pbf road trip eh
bizkitfan601: hahha I should
bizkitfan601: go drink with chrome
bizkitfan601: party with dhill
bizkitfan601: ball with jerry
bizkitfan601: ball with kyle
bizkitfan601: and finish it off partying with all the nor cal players
SK8ingKid7: haha sickness
SK8ingKid7: i may go ball with jason down in socal
bizkitfan601: hmmm yes
bizkitfan601: i'll pick random people up on my PBF road trip
SK8ingKid7: lmao
bizkitfan601: random PBF people
bizkitfan601: i'll be like this
bizkitfan601: ring their doorbell
SK8ingKid7: bring kat here for umm.... unmentionables
bizkitfan601: hi i'm prophet from pbf
bizkitfan601: uhhh get in the car
bizkitfan601: we're going to cali
bizkitfan601: bring your **** too
SK8ingKid7: then they'll be like police! police!
bizkitfan601: lmao, it happens
bizkitfan601: i'm making a thread about this.
SK8ingKid7: lmao

So that's the plan.

If I randomly ring your doorbell, please don't call the police, that wouldn't be very nice. :(

What say you PBF?

PS - Nick (bubba), I'm gonna come dominate your face in some paintball too....simply because you're in Iowa, and that's close to Kansas.

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hey... come to MI... meet me, remix, forumrider99(exxodus), p4int, jeluso and all the other MI ballers

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I'll try and get a few crotch rockets lined up curtosey of Kc's Most Wanted.

2 GSX-R's and maybe a CBR?

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