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Last night i saw A Perfect Circle and The Mars Volta

Omg was it a good show, talk about great performers

My sister, my friend michael and i went. We made sure to get there extra early to get close to the stage. Arrived around 5 o'clock and waited in line for 2 hours. They opened the doors at 7 because the concert started at 9. Oh boy did that waiting pay off; front row nearly dead center in general admission :D

The Mars Volta started the show off strong. They played for nearly an hour, making a great start for a concert. They played like 5 songs but it was worth it, not only did they sound great they put on one hell of a show. That lead singer really knows how to use the mic lol. let me put it this way, he was very talented with throwing the mic stand up and down. It was a lot cooler then it sounds lol.

9 o'clock APC came on stage, man was it awesome. Once again maynard showed us how it's done :) They played a decent amount of songs, a few from Mer De Noms and quite a bit from The 13th Step. I wish they had played Rose though :(

During the whole concert the girl that was standing next to me was like totally trippin, she must have been on crack or something. She was screaming/yelling/making noise/waving her arms/jumping/trying to mosh/hand banging all up against me. :/ she was gothic and she was hella ugly ans she smelt funny. But what was i supposed to do she was totally high lol. i got back at her though, while she was "moshing" right up against me i farted on her leg lol ;) ***** didn't see it comming lol, it's not like she didn't smell bad to begin with anyways

It was so sweet because the bassist was throwing out extra guitar picks. AND GUESS WHO GOT ONE :D YEP, i was so happy i was like HELL YA, It's yellow and it says A perfect circle on it.

All in All it was awesome, what i wrote above dosen't even come close to doing it justice.

If you don't know much about these bands check out their sites
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