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I am going to go through a quick break down of all the hoppers. Which to buy, and which not to buy.

200 round hopper-

This is you basic non-motorized hopper. If feeds around 8 balls per second. It is fine for your first gun. This is not reccomended for electronic or closed bolt guns. About $5

Veiwloader Revolution-

This is the basic electronic hopper. Feed about 13 balls per second. It uses a propeller to agitate paint balls when there are none left in the feed neck. It uses an electronic eye to do so. Around $50

Empire ReLoader-

Looks the same as a revolution, but is sound activated. So it agitates paint everytime you shoot. Has a stonger shell than a revolution. Also feeds about 13 ball per second. Around $50

Veiwloader Quantum-

I do not reccomend this hopper to anyone. It is about $30 and is loud and breaks paint. I do not reccomend this, get the revolution or ReLoader instead.

Veiwloader Evolution-

This hopper is a "force feed" as stated by Veiwloader. It feeds around 17 balls per second with a stock board. Various boards can be purchased for it. People complain about a weak shell. This has been proven true. Holds 200 balls and costs you around $70

Odyssey HALO TSA-

The TSA stands for tilt sound activated. Meaning it is sound activated. This is a newer system on the market. It feeds about 13 balls per second and there are 4 versions of it. Backman and Frontman, LED and LCD. Costs about $60.

Odyssey HALO B-

One of the most populare loaders on the market. True force feed. Feeds a proven 22+ balls per second. There are various upgrades for it, such as new boards and "rip drive". It'll cost you a bit though, over $100 depending on the board. Hold 160 rounds.

NOTE: The Halo is not reccomended for angels or intimidators with stock ball detents. Post these questions in the appropriate forums.

Empire ReLoader B-

The same basic design as the HALO B, only sound activated. Comes stock with Rip Drive. Some people say the ReLoader B doesn't feed as "hard" as the HALO and is easier on paint. Also holds 160 balls and feed 22+ balls per second. About $140, but worth every penny.


The Qloader is a unique design, there is a pod attached to the underside of the barrel. The pods are expensive and only hold 100 rounds. This is a newer thing on the market. People say it feeds over 50 balls per second. The cost is well over $100.

If you feel I missed something, PM me and I will add it. Or just post.

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A couple things that should be added:

Halo TSA: the 'Tilt' in Tilt Sound Activation means that whichever way you are leaning, it will spin the oppisite direction (clockwise, if you're leaning left, counter-clockwise if you're leaning right), so paint feeds evenly when you're peeking around corners.

Halo B: has notorious troubles with dark-shelled or half-black paint. The eye sensor doesn't always 'see' them. Not a good choice if your field requires you to shoot dark or half-black paint colors. The Victory Board upgrade allows you to fire up to 35 BPS.

Empire Reloader B: Requires you to empty the hopper to 'calibrate' it before turning it on. Sometimes problematic because it often auto-off's between games.

Feel free to add those in, or summarize them, or whatever. I might also suggest links to the manufacturer websites for more details (Though, not the stores, as per PBF policy!!!)

EDIT- btw, Barber, looking at your user-title: fan of the movie Hackers? :D CK was the mad man. :)

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good post wheres the rickochet though

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Ricochet AK- Is shaped so balls bounce off and dont break on your hopper nearly as much. Holds around 170 paintballs. Has a window on the side of the hopper so you can see how much paint you have left. Feeds about 12 balls per second. Costs around $55.

Ricochet 2K-Is shaped so balls bounce off and dont break on your hopper nearly as much. Holds around 170 paintballs. Has a screen on the back that counts the balls you shoot and has a game timer. It also feeds about 12 balls per second. It costs around $60.

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Johnny_Fred said:
how much do all of them hold?
halos will hold 180, evos hold like 200, TSAs vary, most everything besides halos are the same. I just got a halo today, and lemme tell you, it is incredibly durable and feeds the second it shoots thanks to the spring thingy. Evo IIs are like halos but not true force feed and wear out batteries faster, they're also a lot less durable, the halo is made of lexan and the evos and revvys are made of acrylic plastic. Its definitely worth it to save up and buy a halo.

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You forgot to mention the Ricochet Apache and Rhino.

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The Halo TSA Backman shouldn't be used with a gun that can achieve high ROF's. Unless its an Autococker. The reasoning for this is that the sound activiation on the hopper's board isn't as sensitive as the one on the Empire Reloader B, and when you're doing high ROF's there isn't enough noise from the gun to get the motor spinning. I tried this out with a timmy and an autococker.
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