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I am selling my Limited Edition Coutom P&P Super Cocker (only 50 made). Here are Specs.

-Custom Rust To Black Dust Anno
-P&P custom milling on all parts including
-Front Block (P&P Light Front Block)
-Back Block (P&P Light Back Block)
-Total Body Milling
-Total body weight of 3.2 lbs
-P&P Beavertail
-Venturi Aluminum Bolt.
-Air America Messiah Inline Reg
-Outcast Adjustable Mini Reg
-Dye Excel Barrel
-Matching drop and cradle
-Twister Feed Neck
-Matching Custom Annoed E-blade with Eye
-gun is only 1 year old
-Air America "The Reg" 68 4500 Nitro tank.

This gun is in great condition and has been taken care of well. I just Got the E-blade and had a cocker Tune up on it in january and the E-blade only has about 4 cases through it.

Asking for 950 shiped OBO, Or trade for a Vision SFT shocker or Any type of timmys.

Ask me for more pics.
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