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Ok, I have one of the nicest looking Angels ever put on this Earth, super sexy milling, super sexy color, and shoots even sexier.

The gun is gloss blue with some black parts (mini reg and front plug). Looks really good.

The body has some nicks and scratches, but it still looks nice, not bad scratches.

Comes with a .688 JT 2 Piece and ICD Rail and ASA.

The gun comes with a CP volumizer and a Twisted reg. Also has the R-11 bolt. Also has a LED ball detent, stronger than the stock one.

Pics later, maybe vids

$450 OBO

1. I do NOT ship first.
2. I ship USPS Priority to the main 48 only, that means if you live in canada/australia/cambodia, don't offer.
3. I do not deal with people who are immature, cannot use grammar, and/or are retarded.
4. Post in this thread before messaging me on AIM or PMing me.
If you do not like these rules, simply do not post.
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