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so i had a guy askin me for advice and stuff and he is a new player.... so ya the other guy was tryin to rip him off and ya here is the convo:

ya, its long.... the last part is kinda dumb, but what ever.... i didnt want my half hour to go to waste so i decided to post this.

BAURblades43: sup?
CaT0 89: hey
BAURblades43: i here ur sellin a tippy...
BAURblades43: u know that 120 is too much?
BAURblades43: thats how much they are new
CaT0 89: go away
BAURblades43: and it sounds like your gun is stock, and ur just tryin to rip off a noob itnto buying it
CaT0 89: i dont feel like argueing
BAURblades43: u know ur wrong
BAURblades43: dont u?
CaT0 89: shut the **** up
BAURblades43: wernt u on a team?
CaT0 89: yes
BAURblades43: im sure the team was real great
CaT0 89: we had an even record
BAURblades43: what tournaments have u been to?
CaT0 89: not bad not good
CaT0 89: how old are you
CaT0 89: where are you from
BAURblades43: were they young gun tournys?
CaT0 89: are you on a team
CaT0 89: what tournaments have you been to?
BAURblades43: im 15, from socal, and on a team
BAURblades43: i play the xpsl events on the west coast
BAURblades43: how bout u?
CaT0 89: i dont play anymore
BAURblades43: im interested, did u shoot your tippy when u were on the team?
CaT0 89: i was on the black pythons
BAURblades43: i bet you wore camo to the tournaments right?
BAURblades43: or maby just blue jeans and a t shirt
CaT0 89: whatever i wanted to wear
CaT0 89: usually green
CaT0 89: something green
BAURblades43: right
CaT0 89: or brown
BAURblades43: green
CaT0 89: right
CaT0 89: green
BAURblades43: so u can blend in with the surroundings?
CaT0 89: or brown
CaT0 89: no
CaT0 89: cause i like green and brown
BAURblades43: interesting
BAURblades43: oooo
BAURblades43: i see
CaT0 89: it is
BAURblades43: how many tournaments did u play in?
CaT0 89: 3
BAURblades43: interesting
BAURblades43: and they were local events right? probobly young guns?
CaT0 89: sort of
CaT0 89: one was in memphis
BAURblades43: what do u mean sort of?
CaT0 89: and there were old guys in it
CaT0 89: read what i say
BAURblades43: ok what was the name of the tournament series?
CaT0 89: i dont remember
BAURblades43: or is there no name?
CaT0 89: i could find out
BAURblades43: right
CaT0 89: you want me too?
BAURblades43: what division was it?
BAURblades43: sure if u would like to
CaT0 89: actually i dont really want to right now
BAURblades43: ahh
BAURblades43: ok
BAURblades43: what division was it?
BAURblades43: how old are you?
CaT0 89: who the **** are you ?
CaT0 89: 15
BAURblades43: im just someone tryin to look out for noobs
BAURblades43: cuz it sounds like ur tryin to rip them off
BAURblades43: when ur a noob yourself
BAURblades43: how do u have an "even" record?
CaT0 89: a tipman 98 is 160 new
BAURblades43: lol
BAURblades43: maby with a tank and hopper
CaT0 89: and balls
CaT0 89: which was included with the sale
BAURblades43: lol
CaT0 89: i guess he didnt tell you this
BAURblades43: oooo how many? 200?
CaT0 89: 500
BAURblades43: im still interested in what division these tournaments were, and places you took
BAURblades43: o interesting, look at this
BAURblades43: BAURblades43: was there a tank included with the gun?
LAXCUS27: no, i have 3 :)
CaT0 89: i told him that
BAURblades43: u were NOT selling him a tank
BAURblades43: right...
CaT0 89: i told him
CaT0 89: a 12 oz tank
BAURblades43: so how did u place in your tournaments with the "black pythons"
CaT0 89: and a hopper
CaT0 89: and balls
CaT0 89: for 120
CaT0 89: decent
CaT0 89: i told you
BAURblades43: right
CaT0 89: we had an even record
BAURblades43: how long have u been playin?
CaT0 89: i dont play anymore
CaT0 89: i was on this team last summer
BAURblades43: and i still dont understand how u have an even reccord, unless it was xball
BAURblades43: was it xball?
CaT0 89: how can you not understand?
CaT0 89: no
CaT0 89: it was not xball
CaT0 89: i dont know what xball even is
BAURblades43: ok, so how do u have an even record....
BAURblades43: i just dont understand
BAURblades43: for example
CaT0 89: even record
CaT0 89: are you ****in retarted
CaT0 89: we lost about as much as we sone
CaT0 89: won
BAURblades43: my team has placed 3rd, 4th, and first in our last 3 tournaments, so what would our record be?
CaT0 89: which makes our record even
CaT0 89: how many teams were there
CaT0 89: ?
BAURblades43: 18 teams in our division every time
CaT0 89: then you had a winning record
BAURblades43: ok, ca u explain how?
BAURblades43: can*
CaT0 89: you won more matches then you lost
BAURblades43: ahhh
CaT0 89: is it that hard to understand or are you just TRYING to piss me off
BAURblades43: right, but realy who keeps track of tournaments that way?
CaT0 89: well we did
CaT0 89: or atleast i did
CaT0 89: i knew we had an even record
BAURblades43: im just trying to prove to u that u are a noob, i know WAY more stuff than u ever will, and u are a jerk for trying to rip a new player off/
CaT0 89: ouch
BAURblades43: how many games did u play altoghether in all 3 tournaments?
CaT0 89: that really hurts concidering i dont even know you
BAURblades43: it should
CaT0 89: i am a noob
CaT0 89: noob me
BAURblades43: u got that right
CaT0 89: noobicle
CaT0 89: noobster
CaT0 89: noobchanting
CaT0 89: noob
CaT0 89: narb
CaT0 89: nub
BAURblades43: yes u are a noob
CaT0 89: nab
BAURblades43: and u know it
CaT0 89: noobage
CaT0 89: noobing it up
CaT0 89: noobsick
CaT0 89: i never said i wasnt a noob
CaT0 89: narb
CaT0 89: nerb
CaT0 89: nab
BAURblades43: your team friggin sucked, and wore camo to the tournaments, that were not a real circuit, and u say u had "an even record" while you shot your tippys and played for the "black pythons"
BAURblades43: did i get that right?
BAURblades43: o i forgot that it was a young guns tournament
BAURblades43: not even rookie, but friggin young guns
CaT0 89: i guess that could be right
CaT0 89: but you know what
CaT0 89: i dont give a ****
BAURblades43: i bet you had mad skills, pullin run throughs and shooting faces all day long right?
CaT0 89: cause i have a life
CaT0 89: unlike you who lives for paintball
CaT0 89: and takes pride in winning
BAURblades43: hmmm, sounds like you gave up paintball cuz u found out u suck
CaT0 89: cause you are on a pro team
BAURblades43: ya, i do
BAURblades43: and we arnt pro
CaT0 89: and you spend all your time and money on paintball
BAURblades43: you must be really dumb to think im pro
BAURblades43: ya, pretty much
BAURblades43: cuz its what i like to do
CaT0 89: you sure talk like it
CaT0 89: thats awesome
BAURblades43: nothing is better than goin to the field and ballin it up with your friends
CaT0 89: especially since in a couple years you will get sick of it and realize all the money and time you wasted on it
BAURblades43: really, do u even know what a run through is???
CaT0 89: i dont care
CaT0 89: i dont care about paintball
CaT0 89: i dont play paintball
BAURblades43: ya, right, a couple of years i will completly drop it one day cuz i suddenly realize it is a stupid sport
CaT0 89: no
CaT0 89: you will not have time for it
BAURblades43: y dont u play n e more?
CaT0 89: and you will give it up
BAURblades43: give up on what???? having fun???
CaT0 89: i was wasting money and time on it
BAURblades43: wasting it cuz u suck?
CaT0 89: on playing paintball all the time
BAURblades43: i only play 3 times a month. how are those 3 half days gonna make me not have time for n e thing else?
CaT0 89: you only go out to play paintball 3 times a month?
BAURblades43: yes
CaT0 89: well then
CaT0 89: how could you be a pro
BAURblades43: IM NOT PRO
CaT0 89: stupid pros dont understand anything except what they want too
BAURblades43: the team plays xpsl novice
CaT0 89: and you were calling me a noob?
CaT0 89: shut the **** up
BAURblades43: ya
CaT0 89: im trying to talk to my friends
BAURblades43: dude, young guns is two (2) divisions lower than novice
CaT0 89: and then you start trying to ***** at me about me being a noob in paintball
CaT0 89: what the ****
BAURblades43: ya cuz ur tryin to ripp off noobs
CaT0 89: no im not
BAURblades43: right
CaT0 89: a tipman is 150 new
CaT0 89: just gun
BAURblades43: lol then u got ripped off buddy
CaT0 89: look it up
CaT0 89: really?
BAURblades43: i still cant belive u think i am a noob
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: so u think i am more of a noob than u?
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: so how did your tippy treat you?
BAURblades43: where you able to snipe anyone?
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: c00l
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: sniping is pretty fun isnt it?
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: thats cool
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: did u snipe anyone in the tournaments?
CaT0 89: yeah
BAURblades43: really? how far away were you?
CaT0 89: yeah
CaT0 89: around
BAURblades43: how far?
CaT0 89: around

Liquor for da Homiez
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the rest of it

CaT0 89: dude
CaT0 89: lets go play paintball and become pros
CaT0 89: how bout it
CaT0 89: you pay
CaT0 89: cause im broke
CaT0 89: lets meet in west nashville
CaT0 89: and we can have all sorts of fun
BAURblades43: hmmm sorry i dont pay a lot, my sponsors pick it up, why dont u have your sponser pay for you?
CaT0 89: then they can pay for me too
CaT0 89: cause
CaT0 89: i really really want to play paintball
BAURblades43: nope, sorry, they only pay for people on the team
CaT0 89: cause i love it
CaT0 89: and i love russians
BAURblades43: and to be on the team, u gotta be good
CaT0 89: cause i hear they are good at paintball
CaT0 89: and thats all i care about
BAURblades43: i can get you a try out on the team if your good at sniping
CaT0 89: where do you even live?
BAURblades43: i told you
CaT0 89: oh yeah
CaT0 89: like sober or something
BAURblades43: SoCal
CaT0 89: where is that sober city again?
BAURblades43: wow.... SoCal means southern california
CaT0 89: damn
CaT0 89: that is crazy
CaT0 89: socal
CaT0 89: how
CaT0 89: crazy
CaT0 89: i live in miten
BAURblades43: only every real baller knows what socal means....
CaT0 89: im not a baller
CaT0 89: im a rocker
BAURblades43: ahh
BAURblades43: thats neat
BAURblades43: im still pretty supurised you didnt know what socal means...
CaT0 89: want to come over?
CaT0 89: we can ****
CaT0 89 wants to directly connect.
BAURblades43 declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
BAURblades43 wants to directly connect.
CaT0 89 is now directly connected.
CaT0 89: i will send you my pic first
CaT0 89: so you can see if you want to **** me
CaT0 89: send me yours
BAURblades43: lol
BAURblades43: alright
CaT0 89:
CaT0 89: now you send me one
BAURblades43: lets see
BAURblades43: here is one of me playing
BAURblades43: here is one of me
CaT0 89: that is defonitely a login screen
CaT0 89: both of them
BAURblades43: look at the attachments
BAURblades43: they are on a forum
CaT0 89: ahh
CaT0 89: with the red hat on?
BAURblades43: yes
CaT0 89: can i get a bigger one?
BAURblades43: those are the only ones i got
CaT0 89: hmm
CaT0 89: i only saw one
CaT0 89: where your head is like down
BAURblades43: there are two attachments, one is me playin and the other is one of my face
CaT0 89: you arent fat are you?
BAURblades43: no
BAURblades43: y?
CaT0 89: what size bra do you wear?
BAURblades43: 32B
CaT0 89: i cant believe you actually told me that
CaT0 89: well judging by your face and titties
CaT0 89: i would **** you
BAURblades43: y is that?
BAURblades43: well thats just great
CaT0 89: yeah
CaT0 89: i believe so
CaT0 89: i can see that you would like to **** yourself too
BAURblades43: yes yes
BAURblades43: its an inside kinda joke between the supporting members of that forum
CaT0 89: oh
CaT0 89: interesting
BAURblades43: yes
CaT0 89: do you do drugs?
BAURblades43: nope, the worst thing i have done is take 3 sips of beer
CaT0 89: good
CaT0 89: cause drugs are bad
BAURblades43: yes
CaT0 89: so you wanna get tapped?
BAURblades43: perhaps
CaT0 89: haha

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That was horrible. A complete waste of time. I would have rather stared at the wall then do all that typing for nothing.

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dude even though its the lounge still dont double creates clutter.

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oooooo lol why would she make a thread about you??

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He sounds like a winner. Oops, I hope he don't hear me, me might snipe me with his Tippmann along with his other Black Python friends.

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hahaha....he said he "snipes" in speedball!!!!!wow hes
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