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How much is this worth?

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How much for this setup?
Blue WGP '03 autococker with:
- orracle tickler
- STO ram with TRV's
- WGP 15* ASA
- Black Magic Regulator
- Custom Products 14" 2-piece barrel
- Check It Full Force Delrin Bolt
- Check It Speedy Drop forward with on/off
- Minor trigger job

and how much for that setup with a Pure Energy 68/3000.
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I'd say 350 tops for the gun alone and about 425 tops for the gun and tank.
yea wut he said he might could get 400 for sum dumb kid
Could i get 450 with the tank?
A big maybe, and prob only if the buyer was local and could inspect it first to make certain its good to go.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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