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How to be an affective spy

I was bored tonight and I remembered my post about scenario roles. I figured I would try to give you guys a little insight on how to be a successful spy during a scenario. So here goes nothing!

A good spy has a good sense of how to break through the lines time and time again. After breaking through once, you are instantly on the “hot list” The hot list is a basically a description of spies that is given the ID check point guards. Distinctive attributes like a red mask, or a blue cocker are things that the guards are to look out for. If someone goes through the line that fits this description, you can bet that you will be searched, questioned, and escorted back onto the playing field and told to stay away from the base. There are certain ways to prevent getting caught.

1. Every time you go into the base, wear something very distinctive so that the hot list will be changed to look for someone with those features that you last had. Doing this will take the attention off you in the future when you try to get back in, since after all, you’re smart enough to change your outfit, right?

2. Change your marker if you can. Certain markers will make the hot list if they’re unique or stick out. I suggest going through the lines with a 98c or spyder. Cheap and everyone has one. The only problem with this is the guards might get super crazy and really look into everyone that tries to re-insert.

3. Test the lines. Try throwing your old gear back on to see if the guards even notice you. If they don’t, hit ‘em again. Chances are the guards will be switched out and the new ones will definitely be looking for your old disguise.

4. Stick with the group. A dead give away of a spy is someone that is a loner. If you insert with a group, you will most likely be waved through without much thought. Also the general tends to brief you in a group. You’re going to take a mother load of hits if shoot the General then, but if you do, mucho points.

5. The best person to be a spy is someone of average height and build. I would say anyone from 5’6”- 6ft. You shouldn’t be too obese or a human twig. This makes you “average” so to speak and much harder to pick out of the crowd.

There are also other tactics that spies are known for doing. These aren’t exactly going after command so to speak, but they can really mess things up for the other team.

1. Try to disturb the lines. No one says you have to go after command officers only. Take a trick from history and try to join up with small pockets of infantry. Lead them all over the place, anywhere but the fighting. Tell them your group needs support in a certain area that is way out in the middle of no where. If you’re good enough you can learn to fall towards the back of the group when you get near a ref, and just eliminate every last one of them as quick as possible. They’re going to be really pissed off at you, but it’s a great way to screw with the internal workings of the enemy.

2. Try to go on missions with the team you’re spying on. If you have communication with your team, you can lead the other team into an ambush and get them screwed over.

3. Tell the command officers false information. Doing this can cause the command officers to send valuable troops out on a bogus mission. This could cause the base to become vulnerable and susceptible to attack.

Being a spy is hard work, and you’re going to get shot up close. Do not be afraid, and do not be shady and you’ll do fine. People are going to hate you for what you are, so expect to take some abuse. You guys are the main source of points though for the team so we love ya!!!

- Brian

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Wow, that's pretty good, I think you deserve a rep point for that, because I was probaly going to be a spy on my team and since I'm captain I get a two way radio to talk with the co-captain so if I spyed I could tell him stuff about the team and we could tell the team which play to do and pwn them.
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