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How to install an Eclipse Blade Trigger

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Ok I'm going to tell you how to install a Eclipse Blade Trigger.

Step 1: Remove the trigger frame from the gun, also any drops, rails, tanks, etc.

Step 2: Take a flathead screwdriver or a pair of neddle nose pliers and pinch the C-clips off the trigger pins.

Step 3: Carefully, unplug the wire from the board and unscrew it.

Step 4: Take off the grips and remove the battery.

Step 5: Pull the board out.

Step 6: Remove the stock trigger from the trigger frame. Be sure not to loose the spring.

Step 7: Now, this is not required according to planet eclipse but I suggest you do it anyways. Loctite the screws in the trigger.

Step 8: Put the blade trigger in along with that spring and push the pins in, do not put the c-clips on yet.

Step 9: Now, put the board back on and your set!


Trigger jobs 101.

Step 1: Take an allen wrench and unscrew the screw on the blade part so it dosen't hit the frame.

Step 2: Take the allen wrench and screw in the top screw on the trigger. If the trigger does not click and blink then you went to far. Unscrew until you hear it click if you messed up.

Step 3: Now that you got the perfect position on the microswitch, you adust the screw on the blade part.

Step 4: Turn the screw on the blade part of the trigger. Test it every once in a while until you are satisfied.


Well thanks for looking. Please discuss or post any questions or comments here. You can also PM me.

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in a more basic format:

take off frame/tray
unplug battery from wires
remove board
remove frame from tray
remove screw inside frame
remove spring
remove c-clips from trigger
take trigger out
put new trigger in
replace all the parts
does this really need to be a sticky?
yea, but that means i have to click buttons....

I was bored and he just stickied it. Maybe slap my post in the matience thread and delete this or something.
Might as well put it in my Sticky since this will just Die, but instead of doing just 1 Triger, Make it how to install a New trigger, I would write up a little essay w/ all the pretty colors, but i'm too tired right now...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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