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Ok, so you and some of your friends are running out of money paying the high cost to play at a field. So you guys decide to make your own field.
Need help? i got your back.

Clearing Area: The first thing you will want to do is find a place. DOnt put it to near to a street or a house. After you find that place clear it out. You will want to remove all of the leaves, shrubs, and rocks from the playing field. After that you will need to plan.

Planning: So you will need to decide what type of field you want. Do you want a forest like field or a full out speedball course. You will need to decide how big your course will be and what you will make your bunkers out of. You will need to get some money for the supplies that you cant get for free.

Supplies: There are many things you can use build a field. First thing you will want to do is drive around when it is Bulk Trash Pick-Up. Old dresser and any other things that will be the appropriate size bunker you need and how tough it is. IF you will be using old wood that you found try to bend it if it breaks it obviously wasnt strong enough look for signs of termites in the wood because if you find any the wood will be very weak. The 2nd thing you can make your bunkers out of are old tires. They can be great stand-ups but watch out, if you use them cover the top so that rain wont go in. If rain goes in, it will stay wet in there and be a perfect place for misquitos to live and lay eggs, and having a field infested with misquitos is no fun at all. The last thing you may want is to use pallats you can find them behind food stores, gardening stores and many other places. If you notice many of these will have open spaces in them like this.

you will need something to cover those up. you can take apart other pallets and nail wooden planks in the spaces not covered. Or you can buy some tarp and use that to cover the front. You will need a tarp and a staplegun , cut the tarp so if fits the whole area of the pallet. THen give it a little slack and staple the ends to the outer edges of the pallet. I have had bunkers like that for many years and they have held up great.

Constructing field: Ok so you have your suplies and you have desigened your field next step, construct. If you haven't mad a field yet and you would like a sketch here is one:

Ok so grab a wheelbarrow a shovel, all of the necassery supplies and water. OK so no you need a way to keep those bunkers in place. If you are using tires they should be fine if you stack them on top of eachother. IF you are using wood Dig the piece into the ground a little like this

IF you are using pallets make sure to staple the tarp onto them, then using spare pieces of wood. Stick the pieces of wood through the skinny side of the
the pallets and then dig holes into the ground, then stick the skinny pieces of wood that are in the pallets in the ground and cover with dirt it should look like this:


Other THings: IF you are going to charge people to play on your field make a waiver saying that you are not responsible for any bodily harm and make their parents sign because you dont wanna get sued if someone gets hurt on your field. A GOOD INVESTMENT would be a chronograph you can pick one up like this one:
for around 70 dollars. AnD remember when you are playing make sure everyone has their masks on and SAFETY FIRST.

I hope you have fun on your new field and i hope you like this thread if you have any questions about anything this thread says just PM me. thumup:

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I already wrote one like this. It's cool though, you just did it diffrently.
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