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How to put a gauge on my gun ?

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I am wanting to know how to put a gauge up on the top of my Spyder Electra.

The Electra DX has one, so I figure its possible some how.

I know how to put one down by the tank, but, I would rather have one up about the expantion chamber.

Like the one shown below....

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The electra v/a is not drilled for a gauge therefore you will have to do it yourself or buy a new v/a that is drilled such as a PMI Ram Air, Bob Long V/A, or an Assault Block.
ah thanks alot guys ! :)

BTW, does the Bob Long Torpedo reg have a place to add a gauge to it?
on the bob long is the screw that is next to where the hose plugs in at where the gauge would go. if so how do you take it out, i think it is in with loctite. i tried to take it out when i installed my torpedo because the hose plugged in weird and i took an allen wrench to take it off and the thing wouldn't budge no matter how hard i tried
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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