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I got a new marker, so a new thread to here about the Spyder VS1. I made some copy&paste from my VS2 thread, because alot steps are the very sames.

Here's what I'm doing usually to clean my VS1 after a game :

->Clean the whole body, remove all paint.
->Remove the eyes cover, clean the eyes and eyes hole, and rubber detents. You can also put a drop of oil on each ball detents. That can help prevent recocking issues. Put all back in place, make sure to NOT tighten the eyes cover screw to hard.
->Pull the bolt pin up, and the bolt should get out. Clean the bolt, remove the paint (if there's paint there, but that never happened to me). DO NOT OIL THE BOLT, OR THE BOLT O-RING. The bolt is in delrin, and if you oil it, it will swell. BTW that is indicated in the user manual.
-> Release the allen screw under the rear body, to release the striker. Remove the striker with your allen tool, you should be able to see it under the bolt, where's it should be.
-> Wipe the striker from old oil with paper, and then put a drop of oil on the striker o-ring (not on the whole striker).
-> Put all back in place : the striker (o-ring first) and the bolt hole up, the spring, the striker stopper (rubber). Push on the spring while hitting the trigger (at this point, the trigger has to be on, with eyes off). That will allow the striker to get back in place.
-> Put the bolt back. check where's the striker hole. You can help yourself with little encarving in the milling that indicates both places where the striker can be.

And you're done. Theses steps takes 15 min max.

Velocity adjustment
The spyder VS1 have a velocity adjuster, right behind the marker. All you have to do is take an allen tool, turn the screw CLOCKWISE to RAISE VELOCITY, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to LOWER VELOCITY. That's it !

Now I'll explain the trigger modes :
-> The upper button is the on/off, and eyes fonctions. Click it to open the trigger. The upper light is RED, and lower is Green. The marker is in semi-mode, but on the safety. It cannot fire.
-> Click on the "M" button, to remove the safety. Both lights are greats, you are in semi auto mode, eyes on, ready to fire.
-> If you click on the upper button, you turns of the eyes. Personnally I turn off the eyes only to get the striker back when I'm cleaning it.
-> If you Hold the "M" button for about 5 secs, it will turn in Burst mode. The upper light is off, and the lower light is orange. That means you are in 3 burst shots mode.
-> To close the trigger, you have to HOLD the upper button for 5 secs. All lights are off, the marker is safe now.

Upper light :
green : eyes are on
red : marker is on SAFETY
off : eyes are off

Lower light :
Green : semi-auto mode
Orange : 3 burst shots mode
off : marker is off.

One thing : the VS1 can use eyes on 3 burst shots mode, where the VS2-3 just can't.

Recharge time :
usually I recharge my marker the day BEFORE a game. A rechargable battery loose his charge with time. This way you will never be took pants off with a low battery. Charge it for 6-8 hours for a full charge. DO NOT OVER CHARGE THE BATTERY. That will kill the battery, and you will have to buy another one.

BTW don't try to use normals 9V batteries. Kingman batteries are 9.6V, so the board needs to operate with 9.6V. That means if you put a normal 9V, the board will drain more AMPS to have to same power (W = V*A, if V goes down, A have to be highter to get the same W), causing over heating board and battery. In one word, you can fry your board using a 9V, and void the Kingman warranty.

Dunno if I forgot something, let me know if you have a question and I'll add it here.

Have a nice game !
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