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So I'm lookin at gettin a new toy.

Tippmann A5

HE E-Grip (The thumb selector style one)
Techt complete cyclone feed upgrade kit
End Game, Inc. 3in snub nose barrel
Ops Gear mp5 folding stock
Just for giggles probably an Ops Gear mp5 gas thru mag

I want to keep it small and fast. Im dead set on an A5 mp5 style just because ive always wanted to put one together. The stock is the only thing im still debating on. I was also kinda thinking about the sliding stock but i heard some bad things about it. I've already got an Ivert mini, an AGD Tac One, and a VSC 45 Phantom. And a Tac 8 for a side arm. I admit im a total gun whore. Let me know what you guys think.
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