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EDIT: I posted all games and prices below.

Hey I need to raise some paintball money so I'm selling off a bunch of games. For a list just ask me or ask for a specific games. You pay for shipping. Reasonable prices. All work fine and have cases except possibly game boy advanced and nintendo ds.
PS2 (about 12 games)
XBOX (only halo 2)
Gamecube (2)
GBA (8)
DS (3)
I am also willing to sell the Xbox itself, three controllers and it usually works fine but has a burn in the top from the idiot who I bought it from.

Conflict Desert Storm II Back to Baghdad: 15$
Alter Echo: 5$
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: 15$
Dawn of Mana: 40$
Harry Potter 4: 15$
Batman Begins: 15$
MVP06 NCAA Baseball: 15$
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: 12$
The Lord of the Rings Two Towers: 15$
Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar: 20$

YUGIOH Forbidden Memories: 10$
Rocket Power Team Rocket Rescue: 5$
Cabela's Big Game Hunter Ultimate Challenge: 8$
Spyro Year of the Dragon: 10$
Crash Bash: 10$
Cubix Robots for Everyone: 5$

Starfox Adventures: 15$ (gamecube)
Megaman X Collection: 15$ (gamecube)
Halo: 15$ (PC)

Megaman Battle Network 2: 10$
Megaman Battle Network 5: 20$
Monopoly: 10$
Sword of Mana: 10$
Backyard Baseball: 12$
Harry Potter 2: 8$
Star Wars 2: 5$

Narnia Lion Witch and the Wardrobe: 20$
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team: 15$

Controllers: 12$ each
System: 75$ (Slightly damaged, don't complain)
Halo 2: 25$ (only disc)

Please, I need PB money!

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If you want to buy in bulk, just tell me. I will probly reduce the prices the more items you buy. Entire set is 350$, you pay for shipping. Bargain if you wish, you might get a better deal.

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everything is still up

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I'm sorry I'm not selling the actual systems if thats what you mean.

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okay. btw I am looking for 98 custom stuff as well if you have anything that would work on it we may be able to work out a trade.
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