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This video is from Flagswipe Paintball's popular scenario event; Day of the Dead. The event is based around a zombie apocalypse that engulfs the world in which the humans are forced to put their differences aside and work together in an effort to eliminate every last infected horde!

Approximately 1000 players made it out for this years event which took place on Sunday, September 30th 2012 near London, Ontario at Flagswipe's outdoor field.

I have recently been sponsored Aztek Custom Paintball Products, in which Patrick hooked me up with some awesome new futuristic gear, finished in GOLD!

Let the zombie slaughtering begin!

(the intro is long - skip ahead to 15:00 in if you just want to see paintball action)

Special Thanks To:
Flagswipe Paintball
Aztek Custom Paintball Products
Jaz Stands
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