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o wow, a sales rep that makes great claims for his product. thats some solid evidence you found there thumup:

because sales reps dont lie or promote a product to be better than it is, no we have never seen that before *cough 50 cal cough*

dont get me wrong ill admit its a good idea if theres any actual evidence but sofar its just sales reps saying "this is amazing" and you regurgitating what they are saying, his "look water doesnt effect it" example is dropping 1 ball in a millemeter of water for 3 seconds. ya sure thats a great test o and btw, you can do the same thing with a normal paintnball and it will be fine 5 seconds later. they are saying the fill evaporates which is wonderfull for field owners and it doesnt stain cloths etc etc but nobody seems to mention that that means any hits can evaporate on a player as well.

shelf life of 2 years...ummmm...ya sure, because they have been able to test that right? the company hasnt even been around for 2 years!

as far as i can tell nobody has even been able to fire these things out of a marker yet, no videos or anything beyond the sales rep(s) dishing out "facts" about them
1 - 5 of 5 Posts