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2001 Dust Black Right Feed Autococker
Dust Black Benchmark Slide Frame
Custom Nickel Trigger Shoe
Black Dye Sticky Grips
Black Palmer Stabilizer with Gauge
Chrome Psycho Ballistics Medium Drop with On/Off
Silver Dye Beavertail
Chrome Belsales Hollowpoint
Chrome Palmer Rock LPR
14" Black 2001 One Piece Smart Parts All American
16" Black/Chrome JT 2 Piece
Chrome 32 Degrees Ball Detent
Antichop Stock Bolt
ANS Quickpull Bolt
Stock Ram
Stock Internals
Stock Cocking Rod
Macroline Setup
i found this one should i buy

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id sell you my cocker, and, if you want it, all my gear.

2k2 center feed (blue)
eclipse hinge (chrome)
dye stickies (blue)
sidewinder inline (chrome)
belsales 3 way (chrome)
tickler reg (chrome)
sto ram (chrome)
jt 2 piece 14 inch (blue tip, chrome back)


clear evo hopper
pure energy 68 ci 3000 psi nitro
blue redz cover
jt proteus mask

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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