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Its just an Ion but if I put it in the 150 catagory where I bought it I would get flamed for all the aftermarket stuff so I figured here would be best... She is still just an Ion and has a never ending cycle of problems lol but I put alot of love into it so when it works right it shoots pretty good.

Custom Products Drop Forward and ASA On/Off
Custom Products Regulator
Custom Products "Sling Blade" Trigger
Custom Products Clamping Feed Neck
Virtue Board w/ Easy On/Off Switch
Virtue Eyes
Punisher Paintball Grip Frame w/ 15° Regulator
Punisher Paintball Body w/ custom milling Via Dremel, sand paper, and elbow greese
Hybrid Works Grip
Tech-T Ultra Light Bolt(L7)
NDZ Firing Can
Smart Parts QEV
Killa Magnetic Detents


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