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Here's some snow I found. It's a rare sighting these days, even in Indiana
Contour | Stories | FILE0010
Here is my cousin getting ready for his wedding, and some men singing.
Contour | Stories | FILE0011
Here is a massive sized breakfast item
Contour | Stories | FILE0012
Here is a random Pacer being hauled by a truck.
Contour | Stories | FILE0013

I'm still working on a way to edit these videos and host them on YouTube. Right now I'm using the contour software and am not sure how to actually save videos I edited on it. Otherwise they'd be up on youtube instead. Also, the sound pickup on this thing is terrible. I guess it's meant to be used on noisy activities with music being played over it once uploaded. the video is kinda grainy also. I'm a bit disappointed because I was filming at 30fps and 1080i resolution.
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