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I got a Gallien Kreuger bass half stack for sale.
Perfect for studio practices and great for small gigs.


Includes BP250 head, 115BPX speaker cab, covers for both, speaker cable, and instrument cable. That's 125W of trademark GK tone pushing a 15" speaker for plenty of volume.

The BP250 head features 125W power, bass-specific 4-band active EQ, adjustable voice contour, effects loop, Boost valve effect, XLR out with ground and pre/post switch, and tuner out. 2-year warranty.

The 115BPX speaker cab features a 15" woofer in a rear-ported cabinet with 200W handling, 1/4" input, MDF construction, black carpet covering, 16-gauge steel grille, removable nickel-plated casters, custom tooled interlocking corners, 50Hz-5kHz frequency response, and 96dB sensitivity. 60 lbs. 23"W x 23"H x 18"D. 1-year warranty on speaker. 2-year warranty on electronics.

Also comes with covers for both the head and the cab.

Price: I bought it for about 300 so im asking around 125-150. Price is very negotiable. Its in great shape.
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