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I am willing to trade this:
What I Paid ( )
Tippmann 98 custom MINT CONDITION ($150 when I got it)
Muted sear spring ($2)
Pen spring mod ($1)
Polished Internals ($8)
Smart Parts Progressive 2006 Style Barrel 14 in. ($40)
Double Trigger Kit ($25)
Clamping Feedneck ($15)
Standard Hopper ($4)
Also a 20oz co2 tank and a 9 oz co2 tank ($45)

I need an ion. I got an offer to join a paintball team for speedball and need a better gun. I am willing to also throw in MONEY MONEY MONEY. I don't care if it is a stock ion or anything and if you have a HPA tank or hopper you are also willing to sell let me know. I have spent over $285 on all of this and it is all in mint condition.
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