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i need help w/ figuring out wat a torpedo regulator is.

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if any of you guys know wat a torpedo regulator does and is just tell me please. the sooner i find out the better. I need to tell my mom so she can get it for my b-day IF it is an upgrade or something to help my gun out.
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7. Whats a Regulator do? A regulator keeps the air Constantly at the same pressue as it exits a tank or enters a gun. This helps in keeping the gun firing at the same accuracy and velocity.
^^^ props to Fiki
You want it for your bday but dont know what it is.
Also, the Torpedo is one of the best regulators for co2.
yea it's a good reg... but make sure you know how to sweetspot it before you go messing with the adjustment screw. Check the air forum.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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