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I Need Ideas!!!

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I'm trying to mod my Tippmann A5 and my View Loader Triad. Does anyone know of any mods that I can do for free that would help me out? I'm thinking about buying a View Loader Orion from my friend for like 5-10$ and take parts off of that and put them on my Triad. Like the drop forward, ect. I was also going to buy my friends Spyder Pilot stock barrel and put that on it and then just give the gun a custom paint job. I would just use this for a back up marker but I do not want to spend money on it. My money is going to my A5. Sorry for it being so long. :)
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dont' buy another viewloader marker just to put stock parks on your current one. in fact, just leave it alone. they're not worth anything really. Eventually things will begin to break on it, but till then enjoy what fun you have using it the way it is.

What are you looking to do with your tippman? there's about a zillion things you can do to it.
If there is any trigger mods that I can use on it. Or anything that you can do that is home made. And Thanks for your help :)
OtterSC Customs

go nuts:) It's for spyders mainly, but they're close enough that you can do the same things to your viewloader. I installed a stop screw on my neighbor kids viewloader in a matter of a few seconds; he was pretty happy with it.
Were did you put the stop screw on the gun?
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