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I need some help yall

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my gun is so messede up .....if i break 1 ball the bolt stop working all together and even after that my vert feed is loose and all scached up and to top it all of it sucks up battery power, like 20 min. and the batterie is dead can it be fixed whit out it costing to much or should i buy a new gun? i really need some advice.
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you shuld have gotten a rechargable battery ith your gun, but if you didnt just use a regular 9vlt battery, and as for the ball breaking in the breach, you hopper might not be feeding fast enough, so your next upgrade should be an electric hopper
I have a recharchable batterie and an electonic hopper
if your battery is dying you have to recharge it, and if your vert feed is coming loose tighten the screws, no biggie
fully charged the batterie goes dead after a few min. and the screws are to long and my oters are toshort and their stripped
How long did you charge it for? Its a 9.6 right?
did u buy this gun used? because if its new i would go to kinman and complain about this
Sounds like the battery is shot. Rechargeable batteries can wear out, especially if it is on the charger a lot. I know that my son left his on the charger all the time thinking that it would be ready and fully charged if he got the whim to play. This actually just cooks the battery after a while and shortens the life. If it is brand new, call Kingman and file a warranty claim and they should replace it -- They have AWESOME customer service.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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