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Silver Dust Impulse
Vert Max-Flo
Cricket Board
14" Freak w/ AA front
12" Progressive
Armgageddon Rail w/ SystemX on/off
DYE Sticky Grip
ND Blade Trigger
ND "Equalizer" Delrin Bolt
ND RIP Valve
Evil SS Hammer
Eclipse low-rise
Smart Parts LPR
Milled bolt-pin

running with a 68/45 crossfire and a smoke halo b


rate it foo

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I hope you die.

And leave me your gun in your will.

9/10 I've never seen an impulse even half as tricked out in real life, and it's hard to come by anything that awesome on the net. I don't dig the gray-beige, though.

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dude, nice gun 9/10 fer imps, dont get vision, its over rated, if you have a good halo that you cant outshoot *caugh*Halo*caugh* then there is no need for an anti-chop eye.

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ewwwwwwwwwww 9 lol
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