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i win.

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Silver Dust Impulse
Vert Max-Flo
Cricket Board
14" Freak w/ AA front
12" Progressive
Armgageddon Rail w/ SystemX on/off
DYE Sticky Grip
ND Blade Trigger
ND "Equalizer" Delrin Bolt
ND RIP Valve
Evil SS Hammer
Eclipse low-rise
Smart Parts LPR
Milled bolt-pin

running with a 68/45 crossfire and a smoke halo b


rate it foo
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damn thats i <3 that anno....

CP Regulator
9.5 for imps. That thing is just plain sexy. get an OTB frame or a new board ( vision, was , etc). Impulses are soo sexy, im gettin me one soon :).
That thing is so sick! I would give it a 9. If you ever think about trading it pm me...
CP Reg? the Vert. Maxflow is crazy consitant when you keep it clean. Love that anno Dood. Crazy gun. I "sugest" you try to invest in vision, it's a good thing to have, but to his is his own. Try and get urself a shocker dood, they Roll! especiually w/ evolve and vision :)

Shibby gun
8/10, needs vision, IMO. but like i said, to his is his own.
y keep a maxflow regulator? they are huge. Rat factory took there maxxys off because they were to big and bulky. Now they have Cp regs and look much better.
9.9/10. That is the nicest gun I have seen on rate my gun, so far.
Not bad, I like color a little bit more then just a plain color.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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