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As some of you may know, I used to drive a stick shift Daewoo (those things they stopped making). At first, I hated the thing, but it's insanely good gas mileage (34 to the gallon) grew on me. Unfortunately, as I was driving to work a few months ago, I was at a stop sign and some teenagers came around a turn going maybe 40-50 mph and slammed into me. I was unscathed, but my Daewoo was destroyed.

So, I wrote a poem that embodies my grief.


Ode to Daewoo

It was many and many a month ago,
In a city by the sea,
That a car I there drove of which you may know,
By the name of Daewoo-lee,
And this car lived with no other purpose,
Then to love and be driven by me.

I was a piece of crap, and it was a piece of crap,
In this city by the sea,
But we drove with a stick that was a shift,
I and my Daewoo-lee;
With a gas mileage so high that the SUVs,
Coveted it and me.
And this was the reason, months ago,
In this city by the sea,
A car came, crushing,
My beautiful Daewoo-lee,
So that a tow truck came,
And took it away from me,
To crush it into scraps,
In this city by the sea.

The SUVs, not so happy in A/C,
Went on envying it and me,
Yes! That was the reason (as all men know,
In this city by the sea)
That a car came crashing from the turn,
Crushing and totaling my Daewoo-lee.

But our gas mileage was lower by far than that,
Of those cars who were older than we,
Of many far prettier than we,
And neither the SUVs of classes above,
Nor the cars of classes under we,
Can ever dissever my keys from the ignition,
Of the beautiful Daewoo-lee.

For a Daewoo never drives by, without making me cry,
Over the beautiful Daewoo-lee;
And when a stick shifts, my mind sets adrift,
Mourning the beautiful Daewoo-lee;
And so, all the night long, I ponder the wrong,
That befell my car, my car, my car and my life,
In the junk yard by the sea,
In a scrap heep by the sea.

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It only took 15 minutes...

I just had to look up Anabel Lee and change everything around >_>
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