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Discussion Starter #1 i bought an icon-e, and now i dont want it because my friend let me buy his ANS autococker for 200 bucks.(hes quitting and were good friends so yeah) so really, now i have no use for the ICON...

ist an ICON- Electric from 32 Degrees
13bps(semi, bursts, full)
electric trigger frame(1 nine volt, included)
allen wrench if you want it
straight feed port, bever tail, drop forward,
adjustable velocity from back.
12 in stock barrel, spiral anodized
barrel plug. if you want it
dissconect pin so you dont lose air.
and is still in its orniginal box.
stainless steel hose

i took my tyme to clean out all the dirt i could get, internal and external.
i wouldnt say its in MINT condition, but its 1-10.. 9 or high 8 no scratches or anything

itsin good condition, and its better than an e99 because of the stainless steel tubing.....

anyone wanna buy? but like....i want to see the money in my hand before i send the gun...i wont **** around with you..i promise..ill give you my phone number and adress and **** if you wanna buy and you can call me up etc. so you know you wont get ****ed over. you have to pay for shipping also...

we can debate over the be happy with 80..but yeah

its black crome with anodizing on it...
aim: porkbuns 4 meE
email: [email protected]
ask me for picsl.!

outside price-119
my price -80+ im not jipping you or anything. its a decent marker... i seriously havent chopped a single ball yet....
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