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rape all the chicks i ever liked n all the hot,popular ones

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I guess i would just do everything i could, sex, drugs, see my friends and family one last time, all the basics. After that, I think i would try to find peace with myself before i went.

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NYY said:
two chicks at the same time
<3 for Office Space

I would probably Kiss my girlfriend one last time, steal a crotch rocket and go really fast on it, steal cars, try drugs, and more.

Notice how I said Kiss not sex... Virgins never die..;)

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id drink my ass off and get super stoned.. but then id forget to do all the other cool stuff.. so hmm..

id loot
try 'cid
bone a hotty
blow somethign up
speed in a car
get in a fist fight with someone
take a crow bar to these nazi bastards
steal a car
jump off ****
huck **** off buildings
go to school and huck a computer outta my gr 9 business class room
drive a car all over the football field.. **** it up
ride a bike in my school
play tag in my school again during lunch
hotbox something
punch an old lady
do some crazy things on my bike
blow more **** up
run around naked
try absynth
shoot something
throw a gernade at something
ride a motorcycle
cliff diving
more sex
boob sex
light a fart on fire
eat a bag of miss vickies
eat some ice cream
take a dump off a building
go swimming
climb a tree
make out
punt a baby
punch through a window
drop a pumpkin out a window
tip over a cow
eat bacon
punch a feminist
sleep outside
squat some where
watch fight club
watch donnie darko
fight my vice principal
smoke a j with old buddies
blow a pumpkin up
open a man hole cover and check it out
go crazy in a mall
ride a rollar coaster
punch a shark in the eye like in the movies
blow a car up
drive through a corn field
go to a real party
3 some

hmm maybe take a nap after that

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Ya, sex would probably come first.

Steal the GTS Viper down my street, and ride around.

Find a sledge hammer and completey destroy a house, always wanted to do that.

Find a shotgun, and shoot some things.

For the last thing I would probably goto New York just to jump off of the Empire State Building.

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Probably do everything everyone else said:

Start a riot
Lots of sex
Get some revenge
Steal more stuff
Punch a stranger in the face
Get more revenge
Kill the president...(lol)
More sex
Go to the zoo and let all the animals loose to join the riot
Lastly, Say goodbye
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