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welll Friday night i am just sitting around relaxing when i get a phone call from one of my grand prix buddies. He asks me whats up for the weekend and i said maybe a lil paintballing...he replies "not if your coming with me"

So i ask where he is headed and he says Intense...(specializes in 3800 Supercharged performance) out in columbus Ohio. So midnight friday night we hit the road to ohio, reach Indianpolis around 1pm saturday to stop at PRJ performance, another 3800 performnce vendor. Then hit up the road to Columbus.

Saturday night we had a Meeting with the Ohio Grand prix owners which was cool, cruise to Chris Green's house (works for intense) sat around and drank a few beers. Then around 9pm that night we started hearing blower whine ...i mean it was loud but not too loud. Come to find out Chris lives 1/8 mile from a dyno shop called Dyno Tune. We paged him up to see what he was running, come to find out its an )3 cobra pumping out 590 Hp to the wheels, we al scatter for our vehicles to head over....end of the night this guy pulled off 610Hp on a stock engine...well had a kenne bell blower and exhuast from stok headers back....this was a great night.

Sunday we went to see Intense's new home which is about 10000 square feet of spcae and its awsome. These guys are currently working out of a collective 2500 square foot garage.

Monday I got to meet up with the rest of the Intense crew, Scott Cook, Chris Green, Dan...forgot his last name, and Big Jeff..big jeff is nuts.
Scott cook ladies and gentlemen is the drive and co owner of Intense, He drive a 98?? Grand Prix TURBO,, his best run i believe was around 10.1 and a 60 foot of 1.54.

I got to see some sweet new products they are working on and helped out with some intercooler stuff,

IF any of you have grand prixs or something with a 3800 S/c motor than you may know what i am talking about here... Just had to share me weekend of glory...

Kinda sad i didnt get to paintball but this doesnt happen very often
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