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Right now I'm using a mongoose and that just isn't cutting it for really competitive games when I need to spray a lot of paint and be accurate. I'm looking for a timmy, DM4, or a nice autococker like a nightcast or karnivor. Does anyone have a deal for me? Thanks!

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03 cocker(blue)
-eye installed
-eye cover
-3 way/hoses
-worrblade hammer
eclipse grips(black)
FULL nexus kit
-dart bolt/pull pin
-nexus ram(chrome)
-2 QEV'S installed(chrome)
-supercharger valve
-rex dialer/springs
black magic reg(adjustable, chrome)
tickler lpr(adjustable, chrome)
black magic cocking rod(black)
shocktech beavertail(black)
stock pump rod(chrome)
dovetail asa(chrome)
steel braided hose(chrome)
kaner kit(black)
-4 backs(.684, .687, .689, .691)
-3 tips(10, 12, 14 inch)

looking for 900$$, this thing is AMAZING, I HAVE PICS!! u can catch me on aim at sickshot312, email me at [email protected]

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This isn't e-bladed, but if you did It would be amazing-er
-Red 03 body
-FF valve
-FF Hammer
-FF springs
-FF Nylratron Bolt
-FF Ram w/ QEV's
-Palmer Micro rock (chrome) w/ red FF knob
-Chrome SHocktech Bomb 3-way
-Red CP Reg
-Chrome WGP Hinge frame(uber short pull)
-DYE Sticky-3 grips
-Freak barrel: SS Back; 12" Black AA front or 10" Red Freak Front and any insert
-Free Empire Reloader(clear)
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