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I currently have a pump Brass eagle marker that is about to break.
although ive never played a game of PB.

Ive seen the expensive markers.
But im only a kid and want a marker that will last and that is around 150 with gear. like i seen the packages. I have no equiment what so ever.

Can you tell me some of the Guns. im looking towards a tippman 98 custom. Ive heard good and bad things about them.

And also How much its gonna cost me in "gear" to get ready for my first run.

Im stearing toward a gun that i can make a one and only. and customize it.

Also diffrence between X-ball and Woodsball

PS im only 13 so i have a budget

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The 98 Custom is a great marker for making it one of a kind with hundreds of upgrades and different things you can go to it.

With you limited buget I suggest buying a used tippmann 98 custom. A stock or near stock one sells for about $70
You'll probbly get a free gravity feed hopper with it.
You will also need a 9 oz CO2 tank. $10
and finally you'll need a paintball mask. You can buy a cheap one, but I don't recomend it. You'll be a lot happier with a nice THERMAL LENS one. $50.

Thats a whole set up for about $130. You'll be able to put grades on it as you go.

Woodsball is playing paintball in the woods. X-ball is playing on a man made feild with ply wood and other materials. (usually not Air bunkers)

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a 98c is just fine to begin. It's tough, durable, built like a tank, and easy use. It will introduce you to the sport correctly, showing you the basics of paintball and markers.

Just be sure to include in you budget at least a 20oz tank and a mask. Stay away from package cauz masks includes are not really good.

If that doesn't fit your budget, you should take a look to the spyder Sonix. It is cheaper and just as good as the tippy 98c.

Pick any 20oz you want, just pick the cheaper you can find.

And I suggest you the Vforce Vantage for the mask. It is really good for the price, actually it cannot be beaten. It use the same lense technology than the profiler. I think it can be found around 25$.

PS : if you get a Sonix, don't forget to buy a loader, they are not include with the marker. But a vl200 will be just good with that marker, and cost around 5-10$
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