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Impulse Upgrade Thread

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hey since the forums got hacked i thought i would start a new upgrade thread, please PM me with anything you would like me to add

the stock 12'' progressive that comes on the impulse is not a shabby barrel at all but there are many other barrels available if you care to upgrade, i would suggest a kit such as the...
-CP kit

if you want to upgrade your feedneck i would suggest a clamping feedneck to make sure your dont lose your hopper in a game

- SP makes the "twister" clamping feedneck
- New Designz makes their own clamping low rise (twisting)
- Check it products makes a clamping low rise (allen key)
- CCM makes a clamping low rise (allen key)
- Hybrid makes a hedlok low rise (twisting)
-LAPCO makes a low mid rise (twisting)

their are only two valves that i would really recommend.

-NDZ makes the R.I.P. valve which has an angled intake port which allows for much better air efficiency

- Function makes their own valve with a angled intake port also, which should do the same as the R.I.P. valve for efficiency

Internals and bolts
- NDZ has a bunch of great hammers and they have a slickshot ram shaft which is top notch, they also have top notch delrin bolts called The Equalizer that come in 3 sizes, flush with the back on the body, stock length, and stubby - NDZ also makes their HE(stands for high efficiency) ram housing which is said to add about 200 shots

- Function makes a bolt that is 2 piece delrin and aluminum

- evil makes a valve, a bolt, and a hammer assembly, i have no experiency with these products but most people prefer to go with other brands

- Eclipse makes a ram shaft and a hammers which are good and inexpensive, 18 dollars for both of them from certain sites

Trigger frames
there are 2 popular trigger frames for the impulse, the I-frame and the OTB frame

- the otb frame is a 90* frame with a magnetic curved trigger

- the Iframe is a normal 45* frame but the actual handle was moved up a good ways so it makes you hand alot closer to the reg when you hold your imp, the I-frame also incorporated the tray into the trigger frame

- Function - shaped like a swoop, spring return
- CP - shaped like a swoop, pivots on a bearing and magnet return, very smooth trigger
- Eclipse blade and Magno-blade
- NDZ spring and Pro-mag


non-vision cricket - 13.7 bps cap for most, there was a short run of boards with a cap of 20 BPS - dwell buttons on side of tray and dwell increments of .25 ms

vision cricket - 20 bps cap with vision on, has reflective movement sensing eye - not the greatest - everythign else same as non-vision

W.A.S. - recently released was boards have awesome eyes and better eye programming than the SP boards, they have trigger programmable Debounce, Dwell, etc. - check out for all the info - 150.00

Loki - board made by vaporworks and as of now (5/9/04) it has not been released- rumored to be about 100 dollars with the SP eye

LPR settups

- you have pretty much 4 options for an lpr settup
1. NDZ lpr settup
2. evil respirator
3. SP lpr settup
4. do it yourself by putting a cocker lpr on a tapped front cap or in the PRV hole on the VA and hooking it up to a lpr tapeworm via come microline

Snatch Grips

- NDZ talon
- CP snatch

Eye Covers

- NDZ tribal
- NDZ narrow
- NDZ flat

Back Caps
- NDZ makes a variety of back caps with designs on them

* i will add more detailed info and pictures later when i have time, again please PM me with info and such that you wish to be in this thread *

- Jon
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good post, well deserving of a stickie since the old one got deleted.
Yeah man great post, all you gatta do now is call Avanters over here you'll have a 50/50 chance of him either "STUCK" ing this (as hes done to others, so many times before) or deleting this for ya. lol.
what sucks is that I deleted my copy of my huge post from the last one a few weeks ago....
yea menace yours was pretty good

im gonna try to get pictures soon
yea, if u had more detail on the other upgrades, its well worth holyness
other upgrades? as in what?
like explain exactly what a snatch grip is

there are more valves, whether or not u perfer them, its still nice to have all the diff options

add in solenoid optimizers (tapeworms) and the different brands

there is a function lpr

there are more triggers and more frames

there are more bolts and internals

i dunno, there is just a lot more info needed to be added, ill let you do the research since its ur thread
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ok fine ill go back and all the nitty gritty
Ahh, them pics werent in there before, nice touch.
Function makes a Bolt and Bolt pin, You have Voodoo Bolts, Eclipse Bolts, Werm makes alot of stuff, Paintball Kingdom makes and sells Claming Feeds w/ O-rings in them and snatch grips. There are the I-frame, OTB, Werm Frame, and 1 other w/ a microswitch in it. there is ALOT of stuff you missed. And like Paint said, you should add alot more detail into it bro. good try for a "rough draft" post
mr.bunkertime please go back up and read the WHOLE thread becuase i have most of the stuff u listed

i did not do bolt pins because they are close to useless, i did not do the werm stuff yet because its not very highly appreciated like NDZ, and same with the PBK stuff, i had the iframe and the orb, i need to put the werm frame, the dynamix, and the ripper

like i said i will add more later
demonic also makes quite a few parts... and u need rat parts too
lol, youre the one that decided to take up on an upgrade thread
impulse upgrades

I've just purchased an Impulse w/OTB Trigger and a Delrin Bolt of some make. Would anyone have an OTB Manual to share? seems like three modes of operation and I don't know how or if I can adjust the trigger pressure. I'm also not sure which board it has and how to identify them. An Impulse manual would be great also.
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