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ICD 30th Anniversary "PRP" Pump Marker Facebook Messenger Pre-Order Instructions
1. Go to (if you're not already on our ICD Facebook page)
2. "Like" our page if you have not already done so.
3. Send us a FB message with your FULL Name, Phone Number with area code, and the words "take my money!"
4. If you are not interested in a pre-order at this time and simply want more information about the PRP, ICD, or you want to chat, get some group therapy, or share your innermost feelings, feel free to post a comment in the comment section for this post.
5. If you have any connectivity issues, have questions that haven't been answered, or need a human to talk to, please dial 208-468-0446. If you get a busy signal, call back!
The pre-order list will be first come, first served. We will operate based on the time and date code stamped on your message, which will be the only and final arbiter of ranking of who came before whom. Good luck!
Those who send us a pre-order message will be contacted next week for the remaining information we will need to conduct the sale. When your marker is ready to leave our shop we will notify you so we can get your payment processed. The initial run of markers is limited, but more are in process as this is posted. Along with our communication next week we will offer an anticipated ship date range for your pre-order, based on the order in which the messages were sent. These anticipated dates may become accelerated if someone ahead of you on the pre-order list decides to not complete their transaction. Thank you in advance for your interest!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time.
There has been much speculation about why and when we are emerging from the shadows and coming back into a more active role in the Paintball industry. We could go into a lengthy discussion, but all of that is unnecessary to share. You simply need to know we are here to have fun, to provide some alternative choices to paintball players, and to play a part in what we feel will be a renaissance in the sport.
There has also been a huge amount of conjecture about what kind of marker we would debut first. For us it was a simple choice, a return to our roots and an homage to the old school days when we started way back in 1986. While our return seemingly coincides with other significant dates that affect the industry those are just dates on a calendar that have now gone by. We are simply looking forward to bringing our ideas and integrity mixed with a huge dose of fun back into this awesome sport.
Enough talk, let's do this...
Indian Creek Design, Inc (ICD) proudly presents to you the "PRP", our 30th Anniversary Marker.
The PRP is a Nelson based poppet valve equipped Pump operated marker, with auto-trigger capability. It features a gas through grip frame, fall-away hinged receiver with tool-less field strip, toggle on/off/de-gas ASA, "cocker" threaded barrel, and ICD logo billet grips.
The PRP is currently available in black only. It is 100% American made in our Nampa, ID shop and has an MSRP of $499.95.
Please note: The PRP will not come in a fancy case. It will be properly boxed. We are about putting value into the marker, not into the marketing.

I was saving that bacon
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Really happy they are back into paintball. Disappointed that the pump is $500. I understand as a small company with a limited run the prices will be higher and that the actual selling price *could* be lower, but it seems like they could sell a lot more at a more moderate price. $350-400.

Then again, the MVP seems to be doing alright at $700... Either way, looking forward to their next marker. Hoping for a plain jane mech semi.

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glad to see ICD back; i hope they succeed with the pump marker and potential new line of guns.

personally, i'm curious to see how this one ticks. going nelson-based for what appears to be a dedicated open class pump with little modularity is a risky choice.
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