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Let's hug it out
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So, this is a very big thing for my friends in Inept. I've seen these guys back in 03 when they first started out and my god they've gotten so good and amazing.

Check them out at

their a band from plainfield/chicago area (3 min from where i live) their tour goes out east and because they are leaving home and stretching out towards PA and NY they don't know people, so listen to a track, tell all your friends, buy a ticket, have a good time.

these guys have played with
Story of the Year
Escape from Earth
Madina Lake
The Waiting Game
The Alpha Couple
Lucky Boys Confusion
My American Heart
Dropping Daylight
The Entire 2004 and 2005 Warped tour
The 2006 Taste of Chaos tour and crew
The Ernie ball Stage
The Uproar Stage
The Translation
Alter Bridge
Funeral For a friend
The Receiving end of sirens

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sooo they played with a truck load of ****ty generic bands? neat

that is pretty cool though, props to ur friends.

my buddy's went on a nation wide tour last year with the unseen and frontal assault, cool ****. their band is called chaotic alliance btw. a hardcore/punk band out of cleveland.

Let's hug it out
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lol, nah i was just stating them incase theres fans on this forum that have heard of some of them. I mean If i was in Inept i'd be pretty proud of being on the same stage as some of the bands and being at warped.
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