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First off, i know that this goes in the field section of pbf but the fact is.....nobody goes there.

Many of you may have heard directly from us here at Insane or you may have just heard through the grapevine, but we are excited to officially let everyone know here on our forums at that we have finally secured a 6 acre site off of Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga to build paintball fields and a new retail store!
This won't just be a new field in town though. This will most likely be the largest indoor and outdoor combo field in the world! We have close to 80,000 square feet of space to grow into so this will definately be great for everyone in the Chattanooga area that loves to play paintball but doesn't like to go out of their way to play at remote fields.
We've been getting one question alot lately and that is, "What type of fields will you have?".

For the indoor we've already gotten one 7 man 38 piece Angel field and an official 40 piece X-Ball field with Extension Kit ready to go.

For the outdoor we are planning on having 2 wooded fields for all the rec ballers out there, as well as a mounds field capable of being played on for tourneys or rec ball, and the last field is right now not decided on. We would like to have a nice hyperball field but the piping is a bit hard to come by so it may end up being a town/building field. Either way we we've got room to eventually expand into 2 more indoor fields if everything goes well.

The retail store is going to be really really cool! It will be over twice the size of our current Fort Oglethorpe store and will be stocked full of the newest and greatest pieces of equipment and clothing for everyone to drool over.

Another question we've gotten....Are we keeping our Fort O store? Yes, we are keeping our Fort Oglethorpe store as long as we have the business to keep it open. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers who have shopped here in Fort O, and we want to make sure they still have a place to buy the simple things like paint and CO2.

One more question that I've been getting asked a ton is what the pricing will be to play? We havn't confirmed that yet but we are going to do everything possible to keep it affordable b/c obviously if its too expensive nobody will come. We will be offering memberships for yearly entry fees and air so that will be a great way to save money as well.

Final Question...When will it be open? We are setting exact dates b/c we don't want to rush through everything b/c we've got a ton of work to do to the site, but we are hoping to have the store ready for business around the beginning of March. As for the fields, they will probably be up and running by May and we will have a large grand opening shortly after once we are running smoothly.

As we get more info I will post it here, and if you have any questions please post them here as we'll try and answer them the best we can.
In the meantime I am going to put up a site layout so you can see what the new Insane compound looks like from above! We will post more pics as we get them made.

Thanks for all your support,
Jared Powell
Insane Paintball

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so.....what do you guys think? The store is opening in about a month and the indoor fields in about 2 months. Sadly the outdoor fields wont be here until later because grass doesnt grow instantly =( anyways the woodsball field was demolished by the construction workers in a misunderstanding which removed almost all of the trees/bushes in the area...but they MIGHT purchase land across the road for that :D

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