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MizzPlya: hey
MizzPlya: how r u
TS ASSAULT: fine...who is this
MizzPlya: lol rnt u on myspace
TS ASSAULT: I think I made one but didn't really do it
MizzPlya: lol
MizzPlya: link me to yours i will link u to mine
TS ASSAULT: I don't know where mine is
MizzPlya: lol
TS ASSAULT: who is this?
MizzPlya: whats your email
MizzPlya: Im ryan
TS ASSAULT: ryan who?
MizzPlya: LOL
MizzPlya: i will link u
MizzPlya: Whats your email
TS ASSAULT: i don't think so man. I don't know who this is
MizzPlya: this is a girl right
TS ASSAULT: My name is nick...Im 19 years old and I love guns and big dogs. So why is it you decided to start gigling over aol to me?
MizzPlya: u swellin a paintball GUN
TS ASSAULT: Im selling a laptop on pbnation
MizzPlya: wut kind
TS ASSAULT: it is a sony vaio
TS ASSAULT: but Im trading for other paintball guns. I don't think you have what im looking for
MizzPlya: i have a 2k3 cocker w/racegrip
TS ASSAULT: race frame
MizzPlya: and amredgon tank
TS ASSAULT: I won't be getting a cocker man
MizzPlya: YES
TS ASSAULT: they suck
MizzPlya: OK MAN
MizzPlya: LOL
MizzPlya: ya they suck bro
TS ASSAULT: not to mention I was offered a ripper 2
TS ASSAULT: please stop talking to me
MizzPlya: wow your cool bro
MizzPlya: do u take it in the ASS too
MizzPlya: u ****
TS ASSAULT: where you from?
MizzPlya: why u gonna do something
MizzPlya: u r a KID
TS ASSAULT: haha sure
MizzPlya: were r u from
TS ASSAULT: Ill say it again...where are you from
MizzPlya: CALI
MizzPlya: U
TS ASSAULT: Im in Iowa
MizzPlya: WOW
MizzPlya: HICK
TS ASSAULT: sure, Im the hick cause I can't seem to use my small hick brain long enough to type a sentence let alone spell any word that is over 3 letters. Good luck in life douche bag.
MizzPlya: GO ****A GOAT
MizzPlya signed off at 3:42:20 PM.

some people seriously suck that bad at life.

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haha nice, he was a ****

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