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July 16 & 17, 2011
The Largest Paintball Game in the World!

DATE: Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th.
There will be a Free Tippmann Castle Game Friday, July 15th for players that pre-register & check-in early.
• $59.95 per person, plus tax - pre-registered by 06/22/11
• $54.95 per person, plus tax – pre-registered group rate (20+) players
• $80.00 per person, plus tax - late registration or at the gate
• Please Note – We are capping the game at 3500 players this year therefore, we strongly recommend advance reservations. We expect this game will sell out early!

 Bring 10+ players: One Person Plays Free, 1000 Paintballs
 Bring 20+ players: Two People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates (pre-registered by 6/22/11),
 Bring 25+ Players: Two People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates (pre registered by 6/22/11),
Tippmann '98 or One Case of Paint
 Bring 30+ Players: Three People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates (pre-registered by 6/22/11),
 Tippmann A5 or One Case of Paint
 Bring 40+ Players: Four People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates (pre-registered by 6/22/11),
 Tippmann X7 or One Case of Paint
 Benefits are valid on advance reservations only and based on paying people present the day of game

CHECK-IN & PARKING: Directly at the SKIRMISH FIELDS - Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.
For detailed directions, please visit us at: Skirmish Paintball Fields in the Poconos at Jim Thorpe, PA - Driving Directions | --- SKIRMISH usa ---
• Receive: Dog-tags, Wristbands, Maps, Rules
• Everyone MUST have Wristbands, Dog-tags and hopper tape to play!!!
• Lost Wristband or Dog-tags, please report to check-in window.
• Your Wristband and Dog-Tag is proof of payment. If lost, you will be asked to pay again!
• Remember, we are capping this game at 3500 players and are expecting to sell out in advance. Players without advance reservations may be turned away due to expected sell out.
*SCHEDULE: *Note - Schedule is a list of approximate times, they are subject to change!
Friday, July 15th
• 2:00pm to 10:00pm - Early Check-in for those interested. Please let us know when calling to make I.O.N reservations if you plan on checking-in Friday!
• 6:00pm - FREE Tippmann Castle Game in the torch lit Tippmann Castle & Tippmann City for all I.O.N. players that check-in early!!
Saturday, July 16th
• 7:30am - Gates Open
• 7:30am - 10am - Check-in, Paint Sales, Team Assignments, Field Map
• 10:30am - 11:30am - Game Orientation, Objective Assignments, Rules Briefing, Chronographing
• 12:00 Noon - Game Starts
• 11:00 pm – Game breaks until Sunday morning
Sunday, July 17th
• 9:00 am - Sunday Morning - Game begins again
• 1:00 pm - Game Ends, Awards Ceremony Begin
TEAMS: German, Allies, & French ROLES: Ambassadors, Spies, Snipers, Demo
Allies: General Madkow XO's: Ninja & ????
German: General Goose XO's: Owen Montgomery & Joe DiLascio
French: General Grazi XO: TBD
PAINT: EVENT PAINT ONLY! Paint will be $74.00 per case no matter what quantity you purchase! All paint is subject to PA sales tax.
RENTAL EQUIPMENT: If rental equipment is needed, there will not be an extra charge. You must have a major credit card to use as a security deposit until equipment is returned.
FILLS: N2 Air Fills are FREE! Co2 Fills will be $5.00 for a weekend pass
CAMO: $7.00 per rental AMMO BELTS: $3.00 per rental BODY ARMOR: $7.00 per rental CAMO/BELT/ARMOR COMBO: $15.00 per combo
CHRONO: Mandatory chrono at 280 fps max. Chrono Stations will be near your insertion point. Roaming judges will also be checking with hand-held devices. If you are shooting hot, you will be removed from play immediately!
MEDIC CARDS: If you are shot, find a medic judge. He’ll mark your card so you can stay in the game. Receive 3 marks on your card, leave the field, report to the nearest reinsertion point.
FOOD: Available for sale throughout the game.
WATER: Available for sale at our food court, we strongly recommend you bring extra water!
CREDIT CARD/CASH: Cash is quicker but we accept all major credit cards & travelers checks.
ATM: There is an ATM located on site.
ALLOWED: Flashlights, Paint Grenades, Perimeter Warning Devices, and Thermal Imagers.
PROHIBITED: Guns shooting over 280 fps, Hot Burning Smoke, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields. NO Spotlights, NO Laser Sights, NO Pyrotechnics, NO Drugs, NO Alcohol! NO FIREWORKS!!
Call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) or visit for information/reservations!
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