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like title says i have a invert mini and a smart parts ion. that i am sellin sperate both marks come with everything u need to play mask hopper tank. i jsut had a baby and i know i am not going to be playin paint ball any more. the mini is like new and has been shoot VERY!!!! little.

this is a link to the invert mini on craigslist
Like new invert mini with xtras

and the smart parts ion with the dynasty kit i am pretty sure it has a upgraded boars mayb a black heart or something.
knoxville toys & games classifieds "ion" - craigslist

all of this gear is in working order. i am local in knoxville TN i would love a local deal but have no problem shiping. i have references on other fourms please text me or call me with any questions all prices are OBO.
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