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I have for sale a dust red invert mini only used once. It is a generation 3 invert mini so it is the newest one out. There are no signs of wear on this gun at all, it is a beauty and is in perfect working condition. I have never had a problem with this gun and I am only selling it because I have used it as a backup for the past few weeks but decided that I would rather have an etek 3. I have probably only shot 1000 balls through this marker and I have properly lubed and cleaned after my only use, so it is in excellent condition, pretty much brand new. This gun shoots great and is an absolute steal for how cheap it is. I am also throwing in a CP 1piece 14" barrel 0.689 and a CP 2-piece 14" barrel 0.693. Those barrels alone cost me 100 dollars. Included is going to be everything that the gun come with such as the box, manual, barrel sock, tool kit, spare parts kit, and a one year warranty. I also have a spyder pilot acs i am willing to throw in for like 50 bucks probably. Dont want much for it, you dont need to take it but it is in good working condition. Anyway, I am trying to sell the mini for about 300-350 considering it is brand new and I am also throwing in 100 dollars worth of barrels for pretty much free.

I am going out of the country for about a month, so feel free to take your time on deciding if you want it or not or if you need time to get the money, just let me know.

Feel free to send offers at [email protected]
I also will take an etek 3 as a trade depending on condition!!

Links to pics:
Imageshack - mini3qt.jpg
Imageshack - mini2b.jpg
Imageshack - minib.jpg
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