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Wishes to play Pball moar
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Hey there kid's, I haven't played paintball in over 2 years (not my choice) and I need money. Like most people. No one plays around here anymore because of cars and school. The usual. Well anyways. So here's what I got:

Black Invert Mini, not used often, got swank grips on it, and a 14" Evil Driver Barrel.
With the Mini was a Metal carrying case, with stock grips, barrel, and extra parts kit, apparently rare. It's quite awesome. Has little locks and everything.
68/4500 Carbon fiber wrapped Crossfire tank
Used Halo B hopper, in okay shape, a screw is missing by the battery door.
A Redz 4+1 pod pack
A brandee spankin' new E-Vents goggles. Very sexy goggles. Has 2 visors. Smoked lenses.

I think that's all. It's a great marker, never steered me wrong. Always shot great, I kept up on her maintenance so no issues there. I hate to see it go, but you know how it goes. I got my old spyder compact 2000 and Kingmann hammer that I can use in the mean time. Goin' back to the basics :tup

I would love to get 400 shipped for all these fancy doodads <-- no spell check for that word. Sick. Thanks for looking!

Oh yeah, pics may help:

Don't mind the tank. Wrong one.

Notice the button.

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