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First Impression:

I'll go first since not many people other than me have one on here.

First Impression: I was very impressed with the packaging for the Mini. Empire/Invert really went all out here. The case is hard enough to actually protect the marker unlike most of the markers that come in the cheap boxes that bend. Another great perk is the keys and the foam on the inside. The keys allow the case to be locked so no-one can steal your marker. The foam is not the cheap kind. Instead it is tougher but still a little malleable. The final noticeable feature out of the box is the anno. It is uniform all over the marker. There is no difference in color from the frame to the body or the body to the barrel.

Feel: One of my biggest qualms about purchasing a Mini was how it was going to feel. I thought that with the reduced weight and height it would feel like a toy instead of a marker. I was dead wrong. The marker feels very solid. More solid in fact than my PM6 or and of the PMRs I have held. It also feels great in your hands. The grips are designed perfectly. The only complaint I could possibly have is that I am not used to playing so tight. I went from a PM6 with a 68/3000 tank to a Mini with a stubby and there is a great difference.

Efficiency: I was not getting great efficiency. I only got 5 pods and a hopper off of my stubby tank but that was right out of the box with no tweaking or break in period. The efficiency should go up greatly when the marker is properly broken in. I just could not wait to play with it. More data will be posted as it gets more broken in.

Maintenance: The maintenance is fairly simple on the Mini. Unscrew the rear grip frame screw and lube all the orings on the bolt assembly taking care not to lube the bumper or poppit hole. It takes less than five minutes if you know what you are doing. Putting it back together is simple also. Just make sure the spring snaps back onto the bolt. It is conical in design and if it is put on backwards the marker will not operate correctly.

Operation: The Mini operates very smoothly with minimal kick. I had some problems with barrel breaks but once again that was probably caused by the lack of a break in period on the spring. It also could have been caused by the terrible paint I was using. The trigger also was set to be very bouncy out of the box. With a little coaxing it will stop I just have not messed with it yet. Another of the great features of the Mini is the ease of changing modes and settings. Taking off the foregrip screw reveals the board and battery and a little black button that in combination with the power button allows you to change modes. The manual is very informative on this process. A low pressure tank is a must for these markers. Lacking an on/off it is very hard to get the tank off if you use high pressure.

Conclusion: Overall the Mini is a very solid marker. It is easy to tweak and perform maintenance. I would highly recommend it over the ION or the PMR.

Rating: 9/10

Video/Pictures: Coming Soon

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First Impression: The weight, or lack thereof is quite impressive. The packaging is nice, but for me personally, irrelevant as I don't generally strip my guns down after playing, I prefer to leave everything on besides the hopper and throw it in my gearbag and take care of them later when I get home.

Feel: Again, the weight is great, probably the lightest gun I've ever held not including a handful of pumps, but it rivals those too. I did not like how compact it was though. When shooting, my fingers sometimes hit the fingers of my hand holding the fore grip, and it was annoying. The trigger felt a little odd for some reason as well, but I probably could have gotten used to it if I had it longer.

Efficiency: I did not have it long enough to test out efficiency.

Maintenance: The bolt design is simple, should take maybe an extra 2-3minutes longer than your typical spool valve to clean and relube. The lack of a LPR takes away from some more thorough maintenance as well. There's also a vid online of I believe Manike (maker of the gun) completely stripping the gun apart to the smallest part and assembling. A very nice thing to do, most companies don't offer videos that comprehensive or videos at all.

Operation: It kicked like a mule when I shot it, but it was straight out of the box, not broken in. Perhaps it gets smoother later on, I don't know. Was pretty quick. Easy to handle due to the compact and lightweight design. The feedneck is a lever clamping design which I love, although they used Impulse/Ion/ICD threading which I believe to be rather weak. The lack of an on/off for the ASA is rather annoying as well.

Conclusion: Great deal for the price, but not my personal cup of tea.

Rating: 7.5/10

Video/Pictures: None.
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