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This Ion has a custom body, the webbing has been shaved off and bondo applied to make the body smooth. Then sprayed gloss black. There is a small chip in the paint (see pics). There are plenty of people here offering paint services if you feel you can't redo it yourself.
Also it has a Check-It Unimount w/ On/Off, blue macro line, and blue Hybrid ***** Grips. I'll also throw in the anime Ion barrel condom.
The magnet has been removed from the trigger, and there is one slight scratch in the powder coat beside the trigger pin from me putting it back with the wrong tool. Always use a punch kids, not a screw driver!
On to the pics.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept Paypal right now. The bank and I are having issues, which is one reason I need to sell my stuff. So, Postal Money Orders only, please. That means get your MO from the Post Office and I can cash it at the Post Office, screw the banks. LOL
I'll also be selling some other gear, I'll be linking it in my sig later.
As stated in the title, I ship USPS Priority. I'll also include Delivery Confirmation and insurance. So as soon as I receive your MO, you can expect a marker in your hand within 3 days. That's how I do business, you can ask anybody I've ever shipped to.
Feel free to post here, PM me, catch me on AIM, whatever. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Price is negotiable, make offer.
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