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Im selling a practically brand new Smart Parts Ion. This gun has only been used once and has had maybe a half case shot through it. I would like to sell this gun within Nebraska due to a life time Labor warranty and 8 free N2 fills at Nebraska Paintball Supply, But I dont have to sell In NE. This gun is a Black SP Ion and has a couple of upgrades and extras along with it. They include:

~Function Clamping feed neck
~Shocktech mini drop forward with ASA
~Lifetime Labor warranty at NPS
~Free N2 Fills at NPS
~48 ci, 3000 psi N2 tank and tank cover
~Halo TSA Backman Hopper
~Around 1300 Paintballs
~I will also include the original stock parts

Here are some Specs. on the Ion in general:

~Has four firing modes:
~Full Auto, 3-Burst, Semi Automatic, and Rebound Mode
~Has a maximum rate of fire of 17 Balls per second
~Has Break Beam Eyes. (better then the Impulse eyes)
~Impulse Barrel threads
~Extremely Light at 2 lbs. and 2 oz.
~Extremely small at 18 inches with stock barrel

This paintball gun RIPS, you will not be dissapointed with this investment. The breakbeam eyes really make this gun shoot. The trigger is set up really short and is fully adjustable. If your looking for a sweat gun you can catch me on Aim at JpimptasticK3 or PM me on here or by e-mail at [email protected].

I am looking to sell this great gun for $325 shipped, Or I will take offers. Sorry no trades.


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