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I shared my gun with the forum a long time ago back in 2009
The marker is now for sale.

Gun Setup
Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel - Nightstick - 14'
Kila Products Ion Detent Kit Black
2 Smart Parts Ion 5/32 Banjo Fitting
32 Degrees Macroline Kit 1 Straight Fitting,1 90 Fitting Red
ANS Ion 90 Trigger Frame Trigger - D Black
Bob Long Pressure Gauge 600 PSI
Custom Products Flame Drop Forward - Dust Red
Custom Products Ion Sling Blade Trigger - Dust Red
Redz Grenade ASA With Rail Drop Forward - Black
Smart Parts Ion 360 QEV - Quick Exhaust Valve
TechT Ion L7 Bolt System
Redz Ion Body Kit - Red
Trinity Paintball Ion SFT/Nerve Mini T-Lock - Red Dust
Virtue Paintball Ion Lazer Eye Replacement Board - Red
APE Rampage Board (eight firing modes)
Guerrilla Air Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank W/ Myth Regulator 68/4500 ( needs hydro testing )
Dye Rotor Red Cloth (
Dye i4 Googles Red Cloth

Over all the marker is 9/10 condition.
Asking price for the just the marker is $500
If you buy the mask, rotor and tank I can work it out.
For the Mask $145
For the rotor $150
The Tank $50
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