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ALright I need money to pay for my addiction. so plz help me out sao i can go gamble sum more and buy my stuff.

1) Black ion
-black heart board
-cp roller trigger
-unicorn bolt
-Lucky firing can
-lucky laser eyes
-shocktech feedneck
-cp shorty reg.
-NDZ spring detents
-Extreme rage grips(needs screws)
-evil gauge
-cp rail
-sp on/off
**also comes witha bunch of stock parts and what ever else I may find**

2) Halo-b
-victory35 board
-dual 9v.

3)47/3k steele tank
-phat gauge

4) Lucky 15 barrel kit
-ion threaded
-comes with 3barrels

If you would like pics email me. Gun is in pretty good condition. Has normal waer from playing. scratches on the frame and reg. the body is pretty beat up but still usable. It also has 2 stripped screws. Gun is sold as-is and might need tuning. I also will not be held accoutable for any damages you may contribute to gun with out knowing what your doing. But so you wont break the gun I have a crap load of manuals I printed out about everything.

Heres a few pics

**Not everything is shown of course**

email- [email protected]
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