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First, Rules;
No trades!(with the exception of a Rotor, preferably black.)
You pay, I ship.
paypal only.
Want to sell, BEST OFFER TAKES IT!!!

I'm selling a heavily upgraded Ion and accessories. The upgrades are as follows;
1. Virtue Redefined Board.
2. Virtue Laser eyes.
3. Smart Parts On/Off ASA.
4. TechT L7 Bolt.
5. QEV
6. Custom body kit.
7. Virtue grips.
8. Assault Rifle power button cover.
9. 14" Freak Barrel and kit(.689, .695, .679, .682, .684, .687, .691, and .693 sleeves included)
Body Kit with beautiful black-silver fade. Hopper and tank not included. In fact, I'm going to type that again, HOPPER AND TANK NOT INCLUDED!
New power button cover pictured.
Freak kit sleeves.(Extra back included)
Something was set down on the case too hard and broke the plastic.
Stock silver body, pink body kit, white grips, and tube of dow33 included.

Gun works great, tiny leak from macroline area when you first pressurize it. Picked this up in a package deal and don't need it. I'll consider all offers!
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