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and I'm going to cedar point!!

I hit bed around 10:30 and woke up evey hour waiting to get up. I've been pumped about this for a week amd now that it's finally here i wanna jump around and yell. but i can't because everyone else in my house is is still alseep liek normal people :)

I'm definately hitting up all teh coasters i can. and maybe the water park too. It's supposed to eb the hottest day of the week and that should be fun seeing hwo everyone i'm going with is a lifeguard and we're not used to wearing much of anything. Water will be in great supply. (heck i go through 3-4 36 oz bottles a day anyhow when it's this hot) I'm picking up friends downthe road who all stayed at the same house (not me cuz i'm the driver and actually need sleep)
man i thought after i turned 18 i'd never be able to be this excited again. who knew 2 years later I'd be running aroudn my house like a little kid at 4:30 in the morning


and it's thunderstorming!!! wicked awesome!!
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