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I'mma Let You Finish.
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got my new computer monitor. 24in 1080p just need a new graphics card to support the HD now.

Lots of gift cards and clothes. Some new flannel which I love.

Dad got a new laptop which I'm on now.


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parents paid for this semester in college because i did awesome. got $250 gift card from my parents/sister and 100 bucks from my grandma. plus an ipod touch which i wasn't expecting.

awesome xmas

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Got a camera, stuff for my car(de-icer, etc) And other sorts of small-ish items. I'm pretty excited about the camera but it's taken second stage tot he green screen my brother go. We're currently taking all sorta of strange pictures to see what we can do with it.

I also got a backgammon game in a nice wooden fold-out case. It's quite nice:)

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I'll talley it up later. I've still got three more places to go celebrate Christmas.:rolleyes: I had my parents house this morning, my grandmother's house (Dad's family) is later, my aunt's house (Mom's family) is Saturday, and my parent's friends place is on New Years. It's like the neverending Christmas around here.:hug:

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So far:
$925 Cash
Alpine CDA-9886 head unit
6 Ralph Lauren polos
Cordless mouse & keyboard
$50 AE gift card
$50 Walmart gift card
Box of Trojan-Enz (Thank you, mom...)

i haz teh titties
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blue ray player with blood diamond, the dark knight, 300, and street kings on blue ray.
guitar hero for 360
gift cards
diamond necklace
books by my fav. author (chuck palahniuk)
robot chicken season 3

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did pretty good this year...

8g Zune
Eclipse jersey
Invert Gloves
Remington Shaver
NPPL 2009 for WII
Stargate: Ark of truth
Pair of Nike (from grandma)
Duffel Bag (from grandma)
Led Zepplin Compendium Collectors Edition (a huge ass book about the baddest band evar)

Mrs Pup got:

Home theatre system
Guitar Hero World Tour w/2 guitars
Crash Bandicoot
some movies
some cd's

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-I <3 money Hat
-Reason Hat
-Electric Razor
-Step Brothers
-Tin Foil (for the hookah) apparently i used all of my parents
-A VW tshirt
-90 bux
-Some artsie tshirt
-15 shishas
-Fossil Scarf

Still havn't traded with any of the lady friends

But I know I'm getting 15 more shishas, A new Hookah, Some head and uh... that about does it for now.

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4 shirts
3 jackets
4 AE Boxers
White 2.1 GHz MacBook
Bose Companion 3 series II multimedia speakers
Airport Express Wi-Fi Booster
Call of Duty World at War
My Xbox 360 fixed
A box of maltesers
Akon: Freedom CD expicit

And now family is over so maybe some more money or other stuff :D
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