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So I guess we are making this an rc thread now haha. So many Rc cars/trucks up for sale so I figured I would post mine.

I have a Jammin X1 Crt Roller for sale, Has light scratchs on underneath of chassis, Has been cleaned and rebuilt after each race,
Comes with lots of extra spare parts.

Native Racing Aluminium Arms(makes the stance wider) $100 Alone
Kings headz is on it everywhere $230+
Carbon fiber rear dirt gaurds $30
Engine Mounts changed to all steel,$30
The pictures do the justice
$450obo for the roller (Need Electronics, Engine etc)
Any questions about it feel free to PM me

I can Include for an additional $190 A Werks Racing .28 Ceo Mods engine w/cluch, and carb. You also can have the Jp2 pipe for $30 more If you buy the whole lot, OR $55 individually.

Next is a Ofna Chrome top starter box I am including with the power panel on the front, Along with glow plug wires. $65 in great condition (Comes with battery)

$800OBO For everything+Shipping

Includes everything listed but you also get a Spektrum dx3 radio HUGE TOOL BOX with rollers, Enough parts to rebuild it 3 times over. And many many more things, Several bodys and Servos
All value of $350 or more

Heres a link at MY local club
YouTube - Dirt Dawgs 1st points race 2009
Heres a link of the promo video for the truck
YouTube - Jammin R/C Commercial
Here are random videos SWEET VIDEO
YouTube - Jammin jay driving integra's CRT


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